Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Night Lights

Hey Guys and *drumroll* welcome to Two of A Kind!! The title of our blog came from me and my sister. We are super duper close, closer than most sisters i've seen. We're like twins except not (haha). We both are interested and have the same taste. Our style is expanding and changing everyday. We grow off each other and we inspire each other. We  are exactly alike and different. We are two of a kind! So, we decided to start a blog showing our style to the world and showing everyone our sisterly spirit!! 

My go-to Sequined oxfords from Forever21. Similar ones are Here 

My Commes Des Fuckdown Beanie from Ebay Here, Forever21 Khaki Jacket and oxfords! 

I hope you guys like our first entry..come back soon!

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