Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Japan Day 2013

 Every year we take the long train ride into the city, and make our way to NYC’s Japan Day! This year I went with my sister and her friends and boy did we have fun!! Last time we went, I was so inspired by people's kimonos that I decided to wear one myself. So we did!! I went with a more bohemian look for the rest of the outfit. My signature Docs, maxi skirt, floral crop top and (no boho look is complete w/o a floral headband). Neici went for a more simple look...a tshirt, frilly shorts and sneakers. We took loads of pictures and had a blast playing balloon fishing and eating japanese dumplings!

Kimono top from H&M Conscious Collection. Similar here

Crop Top from Topshop. Similar one here


Two of a Kind

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